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About ProOrganic

Long Lasting, Continuous Protection
Broad Spectrum Protection
Safe / Green – Non-leaching, No heavy metals, No triclosan
Versatile – From products to environments, we are committed to only providing solutions
for your family that we trust to be used to protect our own

Antimicrobial forms a covalent microbiostatic bond to the substrate it is applied to. It creates a protective coating of nanospikes that are positively charged and attract bacteria to them.

These nanospikes kill the microbes on contact by piercing the cell membranes. Our coating remains on the surface and actively inhibits the growth of bacteria, mold, mildew, algae and fungus for 90 days! This means it continuously protects life’s surfaces between cleaning intervals – when other traditionally cleaned and disinfected surfaces, would be collecting bacteria immediately following the completion of their cleaning.

Think about your laundry – you clean it once, and then it immediately starts collecting bacteria which leads to odour and staining until you wash it again. It would continue to fight odour and bacteria the entire time you are wearing your clothing! Consider hospital separation curtains or carpets in hotels – these are only deep cleaned after lengthy intervals, leaving innocent patients or travelers susceptible to serious bacterial contamination!

If these surfaces were Pathene™ Protected, you and your loved ones could rest much easier. Other Antimicrobial's on the market use a poison method to kill the bacteria which leads to the creation of superbug's. Our methodology is much more environmentally conscious as it does not contribute to the creation of super bugs nor does it use heavy metals or VOC’s.


Characteristic of the product

Our product is PMRA registered, antimicrobial technology designed to protect surfaces. It provides treated porous and non-porous surfaces with long lasting protection from the growth of a wide array of bacteria, mold, fungus, and algae and is an approved textile preservative and will increase the longevity of the gear that it treats by protecting it from degradation caused by harmful microbes. Our product is unique because it is the only water-based anti-microbial surface protectant approved for use in Canada. It does not contain any heavy metals, and it does not leach, volatize or migrate from the surfaces it protects.


The following is a study from Ryerson University showing the efficacy on Staphylococcus Aureus, Efficacy on Viruses, available upon request.

Below table shows the percent reduction of the bacteria when comparing bacteria recovered from the inoculated test and the bacteria recovered immediately before incubation. A negative percent reduction indicates growth during the inoculation period.


Approved by Health Canada

DIN #02422654, PMRA #30694


Proudly Canadian Owned and Operated

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